From the foregoing discussion on Mutira Pastorate, it is critical to appreciate that school and Church were two major instruments used in propagating the new religion among the indigenous peoples.

With the help of Thomas Meero who doubled as an evangelist ,teacher ,interpreter and competent contractor /carpenter ,Mutira Primary school was born .Like the Church ,the school was first build using thatched grass( Nyeki).Thee first Primary School was built in 1916-1917,even though there were clsses going on under the tutorship  of Thomas Meero from early  1915.It is no wonder that when Rev A.W.Crawford ,a missionary working in the neighboring Kabare came to visit Mutira ,he highly  commended the work of Thomas Meero ,a pioneer African Missionary in Mutira. Undoubtedly, Meero work was highly booted by his eing a black African as local were moved to see a fellow Mwafrika who could read and write using “European form of education.” Seeing over 40 pupils under Thomas Meero in just a few months after it was began in early 1915, Rev Crawford wondered how a persn could work to change thee lifestyles of locals in such a short period of time. Being the Chief Inspector of schools, he pledged to give money to buy grass to thatch the school –which he ultimately did. By then Jacob Kiriti from Kariti (Kiine) was the principal assistant too Thomas Meero.To this end, Thomas Meero organized the people t build Mutira Primary School and became the first teacher.

Among the first students of mutira mission school included:

Johana Njumbi                                                  Musa Nguuri

Phillip Ngungi                                                     Stephen Kbuitu

Peter Kanjobe                                                   Philip Karanja

Hezekia Ngigi                                                     Joshua Nguba

Zakaria Gakure                                                  Gideon Kabugi.

It is imperative to note that the spread of Christianity and opening of the Primary School went hand in hand .Indeed, it was a good strategy to start Mutira Primary School as part of holistic development of the church.

Temporal Closure of the school

In 1918 Mutira Primarry School was temporarily closed down because of the great famine that had hit the locality (Ng’aragu ya Thika).By starting the school with about 14 pupils, at the beginning of 1915, Thomas Meero,the African Missionary ho worked hand in hand with European missionaries of the 20th century ,would be greatly overwhelmed wih joy he were to see the current development s in the 21st century. Equally, Rev Canon Johana Njumbi who gallantly pushed the agenda of education to higher heights would equally feel satisfied to see school all over Mbeere and Kirinyaga County area which had only one school by 1920.


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